The following results were witnessed and reported by John Drake with Farm Service Center…

“The following results were gathered on Sept. 3 2019 from the Stum Farming operation near Towner CO. This is the best farmer applied and harvested test i have ever had the privaliage of being a part of.  I would like to thank the Stums for their hard work and I want to emphasize there was no free or discounted product involved here. Stums paid full retail price for all of the products. The Stums had the check shown as Swath and then the 6 test laid out side by side. All were of the same size and all were treated and harvest with the same equipment with the exception the Swath was done with their Swather. There are 3 Spodnam plots 16 oz 20oz and 24oz. The same rates were also used on the Pod Ceal plots. Everything was harvested in a 12 hour time period and i personlly rode the harvester on all but the Swather plot. The results follow:

These plots are all of equal size but I do not know that size.

Swath: 7480 pounds

Spodnam  16 oz 7780 pounds
Spodnam  20 oz 8330 pounds    The sweet rate
Spodnam  24oz  8150 pounds

Pod Ceal  16oz  6100 pounds
Pod Ceal  20 oz  5480 pounds
Pod Ceal  24 oz  5640 pounds

All of the Spodnam and Pod Ceal plots were applied with a ground sprayer at 20 gallons per acre.”