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Direct Harvest Your Proso Millet with Spodnam®!

Did you know that you can now cost-effectively direct harvest proso millet using Spodnam®? Spodnam® is based on Pinolene, which is a proprietary terpene polymer designed for pod retention in Grains, Brassicas and Legumes. It melds with the natural waxes on pod surfaces and is vapor permeable but water resistant. Spodnam® is exempt from tolerance on all food crops.

You may be asking, does it work? Roy Pfaltzgraff of Haxtun, CO applied Spodnam® and direct harvested 440 acres of the 2018 proso millet crop which compared with swathing resulted in the following:

  • Much faster harvest
  • Lower dockage
  • Higher test weight
  • Better residue
  • Enabled harvest of both hailed and drought-shorted millet crop

The Pfaltzgraph Bottom Line

(Per Acre) 2016 2018
Cost of Operation $13 (Swathing) $5 (Spraying)
Chemical Cost $0 $14.50 (Spodnam®)
Dockage $7.04 $0.12
Fall Herbicide Application $16 $0
Total Cost $36.04 $19.62

Now what is your residue worth?

Recommended treatment for Spodnam® for maximum benefit is 1 pint – 1.5 pints ($12 – $18) per acre at a minimum of 20 gallons of water per acre by ground application and at a minimum of 5 gallons of water per acre by aerial application. Spodnam® application timing is the same time as you would swath. Direct harvest should begin within 14 days of the application.

Spodnam® is available for direct harvest of the 2019 proso millet crop.