Crop Production

Farm Service Center (FSC) has specialized in crop production since its inception by United States Steel in 1966. Currently the staff is involved in conventional production with the tried and true standbys as well as new and up to date Low Salt and Slow release materials. Now that Organics is becoming more and more popular FSC is sourcing macro as well as micro nutrient with OMRI certification making them available to ensure that the Organic products that our customers produce contain essential nutrients in order to provide complete nutritional products for the dairies that feed them and for the families that purchase them for themselves and loved ones.

All of our Soil Samples and recommendations are done by Labs and agronomy specialists that work in western soils. These labs use procedures developed by universities in the west to analyze and make recommendation This is important as the soils and the labs that are basically east of Interstate 25 are of a different type and Ph. The laboratories in these areas must use different methods to analyze the samples sent to them and thus the agronomy people that use these labs are working with one hand tied behind their back.

FSC is constantly working with suppliers to test new products with our clients and ensure that you will get results that are proven in our area by your neighbors and friends.