Here at Farm Service Center (FSC), we specialize in alfalfa seed, and we use experts in grass seed to make recommendations in that area. In case you have never checked out a grass taxonomy manual, take my advice, call us. We have the experts at our beckon call and will work to get you the information and answers you are looking for. Dennis with Buffalo Brand has worked in the pasture business for what seems like forever and if there is something he doesn’t know, he will find out. We have mixes created that will suit your needs or we can get you a single variety if that is what you prefer. Just remember, our grass is not for smoking, its for your livestock or your customer’s livestock.

We are in the business to help you succeed. We have a customer near Bayfield, Colorado who is currently raising 7 ton to the acre of Orchard Grass on two hundred acres, and he is over sold. It is amazing what Great Seed, Great Soil Testing, Tremendous Team Work and the Right Fertilizer at the Right Time and in the Right Place can do.

With Farm Service Center’s help, you could be there too! We will help put the right variety together for you. Don’t hesitate, call or send us an email today!

Alfalfa Seed

The seed makes the difference. Ladak, Colorado Common and Ranger are still available, but if you are selling your hay to a dairy, they are looking for digestability and nutrition. There isn’t much demand for tree bark.

At Farm Service Center, we represent two of the most progressive brands available, Dairyland and Alforex. These are top brands on the market today and offer the finest genetics and they are non-GMO. There is a Roundup ready variety. These brands are selected for the traits you and your dairyman want. Email, Call or follow the links on this website to see which variety is right for your soil. With the exception of a few, we have samples of several varieties that have been planted and are producing right here in the San Luis Valley by the Dairy Alfalfa Suppliers. Those producing our hay in the San Luis Valley have found it to be the best out there for milk production. Our Lo Lignin Alforex 360 may be a great one to try. It tested 316RFV and 330 RFQ its first year planted and is the first and only non-GMO Lo Lignin. Contact us to get your sample today and try it on your farm.