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AZteroid® FC 3.3

Maximize the yield and quality of your crops! AZteroid® FC 3.3 provides systemic, broad-spectrum control of early-season diseases in a wide range of crops, including alfalfa and potatoes. It cleans up the soil and minimizes the chance of later-season disease. The higher concentration saves time with fewer jugs to handle, triple rinse, and recycle.

Benefits of AZteroid® FC 3.3

  • AZteroid® FC 3.3 fungicide provides excellent control of rhizoctonia, damping off, seedling blight, root rots and stem rots.
  • AZteroid® FC 3.3 delivers many plant health benefits associated with strobilurins and decreases disease inoculum in the soil.
  • AZteroid® FC 3.3 is the first fungicide to be fully compatible with liquid fertilizer and won’t clog nozzles or lines and stays mixed, even with application delays and freezing temperatures.

CROP – Helps against

  • Alfalfa – Common diseases in alfalfa (leaf spots and mildews
  • Potatoes – Black dot, Black scurf, Silver scurf

AZteroid® FC 3.3 and Crop Information

AZteroid® FC 3.3 and Alfalfa

AZteroid® FC 3.3 maximizes the potential for high quality and high yield after first cutting. It is suitable for extended cutting intervals and reduced lignin varieties. It improves yield by providing systemic disease control that protects new growth and increases plant health benefits.

AZteroid® FC 3.3 and Potatoes

AZteroid® FC 3.3 at planting or hilling gets potato crops off to the best start possible with early, uniform emergence and growth. AZteroid® FC 3.3 provides systemic control of early foliar diseases. It cleans up the soil and improves tuber quality, even when disease seems low.